Do you have Questions about OnlineZambiaJobs – OZJ Website?

The OZJ website is owned and operated by LIVING HOPE IT SOLUTIONS, is a legally registered business entity (sole proprietorship) with the patents and companies’ registration agency (PACRA) under the Business Names Act of The Republic of Zambia with certificate number 322015242025.
OnlineZambiaJobs website is a job-listing website that allows employers to advertise job vacancies in their companies, institutions or organizations. The website currently, only supports employer user accounts – job seeker user accounts are currently not supported. Therefore, if you are a job seeker and you have created a user account on our website, please contact us via email or Facebook by sending us your user account name & email so that your user account can be deleted from our server. For Job seekers, you do not need a user account to browse job listings on our website but for Employers, an employer user account is a must have before you can submit a job advert for publishing (or listing) on our website.
Currently, we don not charge employers for advertising jobs on our website. Employer user account sign-up is also free. If you are an employer, we encourage you to sign-up for a Free Employer User Account and so that you can start posting your job adverts on our website for free.
To sign-up for an employer user account on our website, simply go to the navigation menu, click on “login” or click on “post a job” and fill in the registration form that will open up for you to fill-in. After that, your employer user account will be activated within 24-hours from the time of submitting your registration form.